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Flat beans
Flat beans

Delicious alternative to Runner Beans

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts

The winter favourite


Perfect with any salad

Heirloom tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes

Full of flavour

Curly kale
Curly kale

King of kales!

Heirloom carrots
Heirloom carrots

Taste the rainbow!

Winter squash
Winter squash

Wonderful beets

At Down Farm we grow over 50 varieties of vegetables in our market garden. We have an abundance of vegetables from May - December. We grow delicious vegetables organically and prioritising the health of the soil. We use the "no-dig" method of growing which means we do not till the soil. We supply local shops, restaurants, veg boxes and farmers' markets. 

Veg Boxes (BAGS!)

Down Farm veg bags are available EVERY THURSDAY February - December. From June - February they will be mostly Down Farm grown produce, and during the hungry months (March - May) we will be supplementing from other local, organic farms.


Each week we pick fresh veg and pack a bag full of seasonal delights. Bags are available are available on an ad-hoc basis or as weekly or fortnightly subscription.


The contents of the bag will vary each week depending on the season and bags are available in two sizes:

  • small box will have 7-9 items

  • large will have 8-12 items, and/or greater portion of each item

  • Add salad (and herbs in the summer) for £2.50

Boxes will include

Potatoes and/or Carrots

Onion crop - spring, leek, brown, red, fresh, garlic

Greens - kale, chard, spinach, cabbage, lettuce (summer)

Seasonal produce - everything from broccoli, sprouts, peas, beans, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, beetroot, parsnips and more!

Fruit Boxes

We offer fruit boxes that we source from Riverford. It will be a mixture of UK and foreign fruit and will usually contain

Bananas, apples, avocado, citrus, seasonal fruit


Small veg £11 

Large veg £16

With extra salad £2.50

Small fruit £7.50

Large fruit £11

Collection Points

Down Farm

Sanford Community Stores (£1)


£1 delivery for subscription orders

£2 delivery for all other orders. See map below. 


Boxes can be ordered  on an ad hoc basis through our online shop, or to order a regular box please email 


Delivery Map


Our stores and Eateries


Harvest Farm Shop, Okehampton

The Globe Inn, Beaford

King's Arms, Winkleigh

Mad Butchers', Winkleigh

Crediton Farmers' Market (1st and 3rd Saturday)

Exeter Farmers' Market (Every Thursday)

Kirsty's Kitchen, North Tawton

Veg In a Box, Exeter

Temple, Bude